Charmed Karaoke and DJ Service, Myrtle Beach, SC
Charmed Karaoke and DJ Service, Myrtle Beach, SC


Charmed Karaoke has provided professional quality entertainment in a family friendly environment for their clients and guests for more than 20 years. Charmed Karaoke uses quality musical product lines giving a wide variety of music in a digital format, as well as high quality sound equipment from Bose, Samson, Sennheiser and Shure.

Charmed Karaoke's newest line of equipment, the Bose L-1 model S1 system Tower with B1 base,(The Bose L-1 model 2 with B2 bass system is now available, inquire for rates and availability.)  and T1 tone match system, allows for direct digital feed from a large database of music, exceeding the former compact disc system. The new computerized digital system is loaded with karaoke software and allows for organized show performances and clear sound that only Bose can deliver. This organizational layout provides fun for the performers as well as the audience. Charmed Karaoke performs at many resorts throughout the Myrtle Beach area on a weekly basis. Audiences year after year have enjoyed, and some have grown up with Charmed karaoke, looking forward to returning for their next vacation visit. When booking your vacation in Myrtle Beach ask your Resort if they have Charmed Karaoke and DJ Service providing entertainment.



Weddings, Events, Private Party's:  Packages starting at $600.00

(The Bose T-1 model 2 with B2 bass system is now available, inquire for rates and availability.)

Resort seasonal performance contract; Packages starting at $250.00 for 4 hour show once a week for summer season Karaoke or DJ services.

Welcome to Charmed Karaoke

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:


Karaoke is fun and entertainment for everyone! We ask that you please respect others and the venue.


We do not have song books; when signing up to sing we have provided sign-up slips. On the sign-up slip are two spaces that you may write in your song choices. We have a wide selection of song choices, but the chance of NOT having what you choose is a POSSIBILITY and we will call you up if we DO NOT have your song. New music is not always available for karaoke performance venues and very possible that we MAY NOT have your selection.


Singer sign-up time slots fill up very quickly. We only have so much time allotted and always an over - abundance of singers, but we ALWAYS try to get to everyone at least once, in rotation, if possible.


If you choose a song (which is very possible) that someone else has already performed, your song will drop in rotation and be played at the next possible time decided by Karaoke operator.


Young singers should ALWAYS be accompanied by a parent.


If you cannot stay or decide to leave, please notify the karaoke operator, so we can remove your song from the rotation and give someone else a chance to sing.


We appreciate your patience and ask that you please wait for your name to be called to come to the stage. Your name will be repeated in case you do not hear it the first time. If you do not come to the stage, we will assume that you have left the venue and move on to the next singer in line.


Thank you, we hope this helps....

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